Objectives, Vision, Mission


  • To prevent HIV/AIDS among women and to mitigate its impacts
  • To promote reproductive health of women
  • To promote human rights of all persons with a specific focus on women and children
  • To undertake gender education, training and mainstreaming
  • To undertake initiatives in conflict management (prevention and resolution)
  • To build the capacity of women to be self reliant through economic empowerment and life skills
  • To advocate for women’s participation in decision making
  • To promote good governance of which include: human rights advocacy and education, constitutionalism, elections and electoral support


CECOWDA envisions an informed society that values and ensures women’s rights, and promotes the full realization of their capacities and potential.


Centre for Conflict Management and Women Development Affairs (CECOWDA) exists to promote human rights and dignity of all persons and creation of a society free from violent conflicts and where women take an active role in decision-making and development activities.